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Landfill demand and allocation for municipal solid waste disposal in Dhaka city—an assessment in a GIS environment

  title={Landfill demand and allocation for municipal solid waste disposal in Dhaka city—an assessment in a GIS environment},
  author={Mohammad Rashedul Hasan and Kidokoro Tetsuo and Syed Ataharul Islam},
Site selection of new landfills for municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal is a great concern of urban governments around the world as old landfill sites are being filled-up and demand for new sites is increasing. Finding a suitable MSW disposal site of adequate size meeting all the regulations is a costly endeavor. With the advent of geographic information systems (GIS) and its decision support tools, preliminary screening and prospective site selection can be done effectively with high degree… 
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Urban and Local Government Working Papers are published to communicate the results of the Bank's work to the development community with the least possible delay. The typescript of this paper
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