Lande: The Calais 'Jungle' and Beyond

  title={Lande: The Calais 'Jungle' and Beyond},
  author={Dan Hicks and Sarah Mallet},

Post-Conflict reconstruction, forced migration & community engagement: the case of Aleppo, Syria

ABSTRACT The war in Syria, and the rise of non-state radical actors placed a spotlight on the scale and intensity of destruction of cultural heritage sites in Syria. The Ancient City of Aleppo, a

The Time of Agony

  • G. Soto
  • Sociology
    Current Anthropology
  • 2022
González-Ruibal evocatively described a “time of agony” for contemporary ruins between their abandonment, destruction, or incorporation into some formalized heritage regime. Agonal time often escapes

Infrastructural immobility: Movement and material culture in the Calais Jungle

This paper develops the idea of infrastructural immobility, a dynamic within infrastructural systems whereby the movement of one thing relies upon the immobility of another. Drawing on fieldwork

A contemporary archaeology of pandemic

Global crises drastically alter human behavior, rapidly impacting patterns of movement and consumption. A rapid-response analysis of material culture brings new perspective to disasters as they

How to Record Current Events like an Archaeologist

It is suggested that local ways of coping with the pandemic may be overshadowed by the materiality of large-scale corporate and state response, and this workflow may engage broader publics as anthropological data collectors to describe unexpected social phenomena.

Traces of Tropicality

This chapter argues that tropicality is used in the Jungle to demarcate the European/non-European. Images of jungles as inhospitable spaces and home to savage communities were developed in tandem

Out of Focus and Out of Place: The Migrant Journey

  • R. Bromley
  • Art
    Narratives of Forced Mobility and Displacement in Contemporary Literature and Culture
  • 2021
A brief discussion of the limitations of the 1951 Refugee Convention definition of those eligible for asylum precedes the analysis of different texts in this chapter which look at varying