Landau theory of charge and spin ordering in the nickelates.

  title={Landau theory of charge and spin ordering in the nickelates.},
  author={SungBin Lee and Ru Dong Chen and Leon M. Balents},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={106 1},
Guided by experiment and band structure, we introduce and study a phenomenological Landau theory for the unusual charge and spin ordering associated with the Mott transition in the perovskite nickelates, with chemical formula RNiO3, where R=Pr, Nd,Sm, Eu, Ho, Y, and Lu. While the Landau theory has general applicability, we show that for the most conducting materials, R=Pr, Nd, both types of order can be understood in terms of a nearly nested spin-density wave. Furthermore, we argue that in this… CONTINUE READING

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