Landau level spectroscopy of electron-electron interactions in graphene.

  title={Landau level spectroscopy of electron-electron interactions in graphene.},
  author={Cl{\'e}ment Faugeras and St{\'e}phane Berciaud and Przemysław Leszczyński and Younes Henni and Karol Nogajewski and Milan Orlita and Takashi Taniguchi and K. Watanabe and Carlos Forsythe and Philip Kim and Rashid Jalil and Andre K. Geim and Denis M. Basko and Marek Potemski},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 12},
We present magneto-Raman scattering studies of electronic inter-Landau level excitations in quasineutral graphene samples with different strengths of Coulomb interaction. The band velocity associated with these excitations is found to depend on the dielectric environment, on the index of Landau level involved, and to vary as a function of the magnetic field. This contradicts the single-particle picture of noninteracting massless Dirac electrons but is accounted for by theory when the effect of… Expand

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