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Landau Diamagnetism of Degenerate Collisional Plasma

  title={Landau Diamagnetism of Degenerate Collisional Plasma},
  author={Anatoly V. Latyshev and Alexander A. Yushkanov},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
For the first time the kinetic description of Landau diamagnetism for degenerate collisional plasma is given. The correct expression for transverse electric conductivity of the quantum plasma, found by authors (see arXiv:1002.1017 [math-ph] 4 Feb 2010) is used. In work S. Dattagupta, A.M. Jayannavar and N. Kumar [Current science, V. 80, No. 7, 10 April, 2001] was discussed the important problem of dissipation (collisions) influence on Landau diamagnetism. The analysis of this problem is given… 

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