Land use conflicts between biomass and power production – citizens’ participation in the technology development of Agrophotovoltaics

  title={Land use conflicts between biomass and power production – citizens’ participation in the technology development of Agrophotovoltaics},
  author={Daniel Ketzer and Nora Weinberger and Christine R{\"o}sch and Stefanie B. Seitz},
  journal={Journal of Responsible Innovation},
Despite the technical feasibility of renewable energy technologies and their contribution to climate-friendly power production public opposition can be a hurdle for new installations of renewable e... 
A Conceptual Framework to Design Green Infrastructure: Ecosystem Services as an Opportunity for Creating Shared Value in Ground Photovoltaic Systems
A conceptual framework that looks at photovoltaic systems in synergy with ecosystem services to connect business success with social and ecological progress based on the operative concept of multifunctional land use is presented.
Agrivoltaic Systems Design and Assessment: A Critical Review, and a Descriptive Model towards a Sustainable Landscape Vision (Three-Dimensional Agrivoltaic Patterns)
This study reviews and analyzes the technological and spatial design options that have become available to date implementing a rigorous, comprehensive analysis based on the most updated knowledge in the field, and proposes a thorough methodology based on design and performance parameters that enable us to define the main attributes of the system from a trans-disciplinary perspective.
Agriphotovoltaics Code of Ethics
  • D. Mackenzie
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the Wellington Faculty of Engineering Ethics and Sustainability Symposium
  • 2022
Solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies are recognised globally as a means of supplying affordable renewable electricity, while mitigating global carbon emissions. However, the development of large PV
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