Land use changes within the Slovak Biosphere Reserves' zones.

  title={Land use changes within the Slovak Biosphere Reserves' zones.},
  author={Branislav Olah and Martin Bolti{\vz}iar},
Olah B., Boltižiar M.: Land use changes within the Slovak biosphere reserves’ zones. Ekológia (Bratislava). Vol. 28, No. 2, p. 127–142, 2009. Biosphere reserves UNESCO represent the worldwide system of protected areas with three basic functions – nature conservation, research and sustainable development. Each biosphere reserve is divided into three zones according to their prevailing function. Zoning should correspond to the areas’ rarity and originality of natural values. The topic of the… 

Tracking conservation effectiveness in the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve in South Africa using Landsat imagery

The LULC dynamics showed vegetation increase in all the management zones evidenced by the reduction of bare soil as well shrub/grass lands, and by the corresponding increase in foliage-richer forest/bush lands since the proclamation of the VBR in 2009, which might signify a positive outcome of vegetation increase as a consequence of the proclamation.

Multi-temporal analysis of an agricultural landscapetransformation and abandonment (Lubietová, Central Slovakia)

Abstract Socio-political changes in the countries of Easternand Central Europe in the era of socialism had significant effects on agricultural landscape. Collectivisation(1950 - 1970) lost almost all

Historical maps and their application in landscape ecological research.

Department of Applied Ecology, Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Technical University in Zvolen, T. G. Masaryka 24, 960 53 Zvolen, Slovak Republic; e-mail: olah@vsld.tuzvo.skAbstractOlah

Abandonment and Recultivation of Agricultural Lands in Slovakia—Patterns and Determinants from the Past to the Future

Central and Eastern Europe has experienced fundamental land use changes since the collapse of socialism around 1990. We analyzed the patterns and determinants of agricultural land abandonment and

Land use changes of historical structures in the agricultural landscape at the local level — Hriňová case study

Abstract The aim of this paper is to describe agricultural landscapes in the cadastral area of Hriňova and their development in the context of social and economic changes over the past 60 years. This

Mountain Landscape Dynamics after Large Wind and Bark Beetle Disasters and Subsequent Logging - Case Studies from the Carpathians

The landscape dynamics of two representative mountain areas of Slovakia have been affected by natural disturbances during last two decades and are characterized by an increase in clear-cut sites with potentially increasing soil erosion risk, due to repeated wind disasters and widening of bark beetle.

Josephian cadastre as a source of geographic information on historical landscapes

The article deals with the potential of the Josephian Cadastre (1785–1790) to be the first modern cadastre in the territory of the Habsburg Monarchy for the purposes of the geographic research of


The pattern of timberline distribution on mountain ranges world-wide is related to global factors. The basic factor is temperature and the amount of radiation, which falls with increasing distance




The digital landscape model consisting of natural landscape map, DEM and three historical land use maps (1829-40, 1935-38, 2002) has been applied to identify general and local tendencies in the land

Present land use changes in the Czech cultural landscape

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