Land-use and land-cover change in Western Ghats of India.

  title={Land-use and land-cover change in Western Ghats of India.},
  author={Manish P. Kale and Manoj Chavan and Satish K Pardeshi and Chitiz Joshi and Prabhakar Alok Verma and P S Roy and S. K. Srivastav and Vijaya K. Srivastava and Arvind K Jha and Swapnil Chaudhari and Yogesh Giri and Y V N Krishna Murthy},
  journal={Environmental monitoring and assessment},
  volume={188 7},
The Western Ghats (WG) of India, one of the hottest biodiversity hotspots in the world, has witnessed major land-use and land-cover (LULC) change in recent times. The present research was aimed at studying the patterns of LULC change in WG during 1985-1995-2005, understanding the major drivers that caused such change, and projecting the future (2025) spatial distribution of forest using coupled logistic regression and Markov model. The International Geosphere Biosphere Program (IGBP… CONTINUE READING
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