[Laminin levels in patients with ectopic pregnancy].


Serum laminin (sL--by means of ELISA method) was evaluated in 17 patients with tubal pregnancy (TP) and 25 healthy control subjects. In patients with ruptured TP sL was significantly elevated as compared to both the controls and the patients with unruptured TP (p < 0.001). The obtained results suggest the usefulness of sL measurements in clinical management of patients with symptoms of ectopic pregnancy.

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@article{Wozniak2001LamininLI, title={[Laminin levels in patients with ectopic pregnancy].}, author={Slawomir B. Wozniak and Rachel P Sikorski and Ewa Kape{\'c}}, journal={Ginekologia polska}, year={2001}, volume={72 12}, pages={1079-82} }