Lambda replacement vectors carrying polylinker sequences.


To simplify the construction and screening of genomic libraries, we have made a new family of lambda replacement vectors (EMBL1, EMBL2, EMBL3, EMBL4) and derivatives containing amber mutations (EMBL3 Sam, EMBL3 AamBam, EMBL3 AamSam). These vectors have a large capacity and polylinker sequences flanking the middle fragment. The polylinkers allow a choice of cloning enzymes and, especially useful in the case of cloning of Sau3A partial digests, the excision of the entire insert by flanking SalI (EMBL3) or EcoRI (EMBL4) sites. Phages with inserts can be selected either biochemically (particularly EMBL3) or genetically by their Spi- phenotype. Amber derivatives of the EMBL3 vector allow the application of genetic screening procedures based on selection for the products of homologous recombination events, and for the selective cloning of DNA sequences linked to supF genes.

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