Lakes as sentinels of climate change.

  title={Lakes as sentinels of climate change.},
  author={Rita Adrian and Catherine M. O'Reilly and Horacio Ernesto Zagarese and Stephen B. Baines and Dag Olav Hessen and Wendel Keller and David M. Livingstone and Ruben Sommaruga and Dietmar Straile and Ellen van Donk and Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer and Monika Winder},
  journal={Limnology and oceanography},
  volume={54 6},
While there is a general sense that lakes can act as sentinels of climate change, their efficacy has not been thoroughly analyzed. We identified the key response variables within a lake that act as indicators of the effects of climate change on both the lake and the catchment. These variables reflect a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological responses to climate. However, the efficacy of the different indicators is affected by regional response to climate change, characteristics of the… CONTINUE READING

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