Lakes Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet

  title={Lakes Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet},
  author={Gordon K. A. Oswald and Gordon de Q. Robin},
THE technique of radio-echo sounding of polar ice sheets is now well established1–3, and three seasons of radio-echo sounding from long range aircraft of the US Navy have been completed under a joint programme of the Scott Polar Research Institute and the US National Science Foundation. 
Joint Inversion for Surface Accumulation Rate and Geothermal Heat Flow From Ice‐Penetrating Radar Observations at Dome A, East Antarctica. Part I: Model Description, Data Constraints, and Inversion Results
Ice-penetrating radar data contain a wealth of information about the bed and internal structure of the ice sheet. While these data have long been used to diagnose the presence of basal water or inf...
Ice sheet topography by satellite altimetry
The surface elevation of the southern Greenland ice sheet and surface features of the ice flow are obtained from the radar altimeter on the GEOS 3 satellite. The achieved accuracy in surfaceExpand
Radio-Echo Sounding Over Polar Ice Masses
Radio-echo sounding (RES) constitutes the principal means by which glaciologists investigate the subsurface properties of the polar ice sheets and ice caps. Developed in the 1960s as a method forExpand
Detecting sub‐glacial aquifers in the north polar layered deposits with Mars Express/MARSIS
[1] The penetration of the MARSIS radar signal into the polar ice mass is modeled to determine the capability of the instrument to locate sub-glacial aquifers. As a ground penetrating radar, theExpand
Radio echo sounding map of Antarctica, (˜90°E–180°)
In 1967 the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) undertook the first longrange airborne radio echo soundings of the Antarctic ice sheet. The results of this season were encouraging and led to otherExpand
Ice Core Evidence of Abrupt Climatic Changes
δ18O profiles along five deep ice cores are compared. The two Greenland profiles reveal many abrupt climatic changes in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Wisconsin glaciation. Dust and traceExpand
Thirteen years of subglacial lake activity in Antarctica from multi-mission satellite altimetry
ABSTRACT The ability to detect the surface expression of moving water beneath the Antarctic ice sheet by satellite has revealed a dynamic basal environment, with implications for regional iceExpand
Driving Stresses in the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Radio echo-soundings obtained during joint pro­ grammes of the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), and the Technical University of Denmark (TUD) haveExpand
Determining basal ice-sheet conditions in the Dome C region of East Antarctica using satellite radar altimetry and airborne radio-echo sounding
Large subglacial lakes manifest themselves as flat regions on the ice surface. ERS-1 satellite radar altimetry of the Dome C region of East Antarctica was analyzed to correlate unusually flat areasExpand
Radar Detectability of a Subsurface Ocean on Europa
Abstract A spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter's moon Europa can use ice penetrating radar to probe for a possible liquid water ocean beneath Europa's surface ice and to characterize other importantExpand


A radio echo equipment for depth sounding in polar ice sheets
The glaciological need for depth-sounding in glaciers, ice sheets, and ice shelves is discussed. A v.h.f. radar, designed specifically to produce continuous profiles of ice depth is described. SomeExpand
Interpretation of radio echo sounding in polar ice sheets
  • G. Robin, S. Evans, J. T. Bailey
  • Geology
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1969
Experimental results are presented from a traverse over the ice sheet of north western Greenland in 1964, during which a continuously recorded profile of ice thickness was obtained for the firstExpand
General theory of water flow at the base of a glacier or ice sheet
The theory of the flow of water at the base of a glacier is reviewed and extended. A detailed analysis is made of flow through Rothlisberger channels. (Rothlisberger channels are channels at the baseExpand
Glaciers and other large ice masses
Substantial progress has been made in recent years with the help of new techniques for the investigation of glaciers and other large ice masses in four major study areas: Flow properties of ice.Expand
Putting Radioactive Wastes on Ice: A Proposal for an International Radionuclide Depository in Antarctica
ABSTRACTThe permanent disposal of high-level radioactive wastes accumulating from the growing production of nuclear energy is of vital concern to the international community and needs a worldwideExpand