Lagrangians of N = 2 supergravity-matter systems

  title={Lagrangians of N = 2 supergravity-matter systems},
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Hitchin functionals in N = 2 supergravity
We consider type II string theory in space-time backgrounds which admit eight supercharges. Such backgrounds are characterized by the existence of a (generically non-integrable) generalized SU(3) ×
On full-fledged supergravity cosmologies and their Weyl group asymptotics
We consider a class of cosmological solutions of d=4, N=2 supergravity theories coupled to vector multiplets. The solutions result from performing a compactification to three dimensions, where the
$N=2$ Supergravity in Superspace: Different Versions and Matter Couplings
This paper concludes the formulation of N=2 supergravity in harmonic superspace. The authors generalize the approach to include conformal supergravity. The superconformal group is then compensated by