Lagrangian surface signatures reveal upper-ocean vertical displacement conduits near oceanic density fronts

  title={Lagrangian surface signatures reveal upper-ocean vertical displacement conduits near oceanic density fronts},
  author={H.M. Aravind and Vicky Verma and Sutanu Sarkar and Mara A. Freilich and Amala Mahadevan and Patrick J. Haley and Pierre FJ Lermusiaux and Michael R. Allshouse},
  journal={Ocean Modelling},

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Frontogenesis, subduction, and cross‐front exchange at upper ocean fronts

  • M. Spall
  • Environmental Science, Geology
  • 1995
The subduction of water at upper ocean fronts driven by internal instabilities is investigated. A simple analytic model which assumes conservation of potential density and potential vorticity is used