Lagrangian Solutions of Semigeostrophic Equations in Physical Space

  title={Lagrangian Solutions of Semigeostrophic Equations in Physical Space},
  author={Michael Cullen and Mikhail Feldman},
  journal={SIAM J. Math. Analysis},
The semigeostrophic equations are a simple model of large-scale atmosphere/ocean flows, where ’large-scale’ is defined to mean that the flow is rotation-dominated, [4]. They are also accurate in the case where one horizontal scale becomes small, allowing them to describe weather fronts and jet streams. Previous work by J.-D. Benamou and Y. Brenier, [2], and Cullen and Gangbo, [5], and Cullen and Maroofi, [6] proves that the semigeostrophic equations can be solved in the case respectively of 3… CONTINUE READING


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