Lactone fromInula germanica

  title={Lactone fromInula germanica},
  author={P. V. Chugunov and D. Pakaln and A. M. Shreter},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
The substance is soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene, and chloroform, and sparingly soluble in carbon te t rachlor ide and water; it d issolves readi ly in alkalis in the cold (consuming 2 g-eq of alkali). On hydrogenation in ethanol with PtO 2 (according to Adams), a tetrahydro der ivat ive was obtained with the composit ion C20H300~, mp 166-168 ° C; the dehydrogenation of the substance over Se at 310-330 ° C for 15 min yielded chamazulene. All these facts indicate that the isolated substance… Expand
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