Lactobacillus pantheris sp. nov., isolated from faeces of a jaguar.

  title={Lactobacillus pantheris sp. nov., isolated from faeces of a jaguar.},
  author={Bin Liu and Xiuzhu Dong},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={52 Pt 5},
Two novel Lactobacillus strains were isolated from the faeces of a jaguar in Beijing Zoo. They were gram-positive, non-spore-forming, non-motile, rod-shaped organisms that exhibited no catalase activity. The strains fermented cellobiose, D-fructose, galactose, D-glucose, lactose, maltose, D-mannose, salicin, trehalose, N-acetyl glucosamine, beta-gentiobiose and D-tagatose. D(-)-Lactic acid was the exclusive product from glucose fermentation. The G+C content of the DNA of strain A24-2-1T was 52… CONTINUE READING