Lactobacillus equigenerosi strain Le1 invades equine epithelial cells.

  title={Lactobacillus equigenerosi strain Le1 invades equine epithelial cells.},
  author={Marlie Botha and Marelize Botes and Ben Loos and Craige Smith and Leon Milner Theodore Dicks},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={78 12},
Lactobacillus equigenerosi strain Le1, a natural inhabitant of the equine gastrointestinal tract, survived pH 3.0 and incubation in the presence of 1.5% (wt/vol) bile salts for at least 2 h. Strain Le1 showed 8% cell surface hydrophobicity, 60% auto-aggregation, and 47% coaggregation with Clostridium difficile C6. Only 1% of the cells adhered to viable buccal epithelial cells and invaded the cells within 20 min after contact. Preincubation of strain Le1 in a buffer containing pronase prevented… CONTINUE READING