Lactation-associated postpartum weight changes among HIV-infected women in Zambia.

  title={Lactation-associated postpartum weight changes among HIV-infected women in Zambia.},
  author={Pamela M. Murnane and Stephen M. Arpadi and Moses M Sinkala and Chipepo Kankasa and Mwiya Mwiya and Prisca Kasonde and Donald M. Thea and Grace M Aldrovandi and Louise Kuhn},
  journal={International journal of epidemiology},
  volume={39 5},
BACKGROUND There are concerns about effects of lactation on postpartum weight changes among HIV-infected women because low weight may increase risks of HIV-related disease progression. METHODS This analysis of postpartum maternal weight change is based on a trial evaluating the effects of shortened breastfeeding on postpartum mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Lusaka, Zambia, in which 958 HIV-infected women were randomized to breastfeed for a short duration (4 months) or for a duration of… CONTINUE READING


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