Lactate content and pH in muscle obtained after dynamic exercise.

  title={Lactate content and pH in muscle obtained after dynamic exercise.},
  author={Kent Sahlin and Roger Charles Harris and Bill Nylind and Eric Hultman},
  journal={Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology},
  volume={367 2},
Analyzes were made on muscle samples taken from the lateral part of the m. quadriceps femoris of man (lactate, pyruvate, and pH) on venous blood (lactate, pyruvate) and on capillary blood (pH). Samples were taken at rest, immediately after termination of dynamic exercise and during 20 min recovery from exhaustive dynamic exercise. Muscle pH decreases from 7.08 atrest to 6.60 at exhaustion. Decrease in muscle pH was linearly related to muscle content of lactate + pyruvate. The relationship was… CONTINUE READING