Lack of variation in venous tone potentiates vasovagal syncope.

  title={Lack of variation in venous tone potentiates vasovagal syncope.},
  author={A. D. Hargreaves and Alister Muir},
  journal={British heart journal},
  volume={67 6},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the peripheral venous response to head up tilting in malignant vasovagal syndrome. PATIENTS 31 Patients with unexplained syncope or dizziness referred from the cardiology department. METHODS Changes in calf venous volume were studied by a radionuclide technique during 45 degrees head up tilt testing. RESULTS During tilt testing six patients became syncopal but 25 were symptom free. The syncopal group had greater increases in calf venous volume after the change in… CONTINUE READING