Lack of toxicity of EGFR antisense gene therapy.

  title={Lack of toxicity of EGFR antisense gene therapy.},
  author={Qing Zeng and Peter M. Kanter and Rajiv Dhir and W. E. Gooding and Leaf Huang and Jennifer R Grandis},
  journal={Journal of experimental therapeutics & oncology},
  volume={2 3},
PURPOSE EGFR is overexpressed in many human cancer cells, including head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). We have previously shown that elevated EGFR levels in the primary HNSCC tumor are associated with decreased survival. Reduction of EGFR tumor expression levels using an antisense EGFR sequence under the control of the U6 small nuclear RNA promoter abrogates tumor growth in a head and neck xenograft model. In support of a phase I clinical trial of an EGFR antisense gene-liposome… CONTINUE READING

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