Lack of equivalence between central and mixed venous oxygen saturation.

  title={Lack of equivalence between central and mixed venous oxygen saturation.},
  author={Lakhmir S. Chawla and Hasan Zia and Guillermo Guti{\'e}rrez and Nevin M Katz and Michael G. Seneff and Muhammed Shah},
  volume={126 6},
STUDY OBJECTIVE We compared paired samples of central venous O(2) saturation (Scvo(2)) and mixed venous O(2) saturation (Svo(2)) to test the hypothesis that Scvo(2) is equivalent to Svo(2). We also compared O(2) consumption (Vo(2)) computed with Scvo(2) (Vo(2)cv) to that computed with Svo(2) (Vo(2)v). DESIGN Prospective, sequential, observational study. SETTING Combined medical-surgical ICU. PATIENTS Fifty-three individuals > 18 years of age of either sex who required a pulmonary artery… CONTINUE READING
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