Lack of endosymbiont release by two Lucinidae (Bivalvia) of the genus Codakia: consequences for symbiotic relationships.

  title={Lack of endosymbiont release by two Lucinidae (Bivalvia) of the genus Codakia: consequences for symbiotic relationships.},
  author={Terry Brissac and O. Gros and H. Merçot},
  journal={FEMS microbiology ecology},
  volume={67 2},
  • Terry Brissac, O. Gros, H. Merçot
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • FEMS microbiology ecology
  • Associations between marine invertebrates and chemoautotrophic bacteria constitute a wide field for the study of symbiotic associations. In these interactions, symbiont transmission must represent the cornerstone allowing the persistence of the association throughout generations. Within Bivalvia, in families such as Solemyidae or Vesicomyidae, symbiont transmission is undoubtedly vertical. However, in Lucinidae, symbiont transmission is described in the literature as 'environmental', symbionts… CONTINUE READING
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