Lack of effect of metoclopramide on colonic motility after cholecystectomy.

  title={Lack of effect of metoclopramide on colonic motility after cholecystectomy.},
  author={Per Olof Tollesson and Jean Cassuto and A Fax{\'e}n and G. Rimb{\"a}ck and Eva Mattsson and Seth A. Rosen},
  journal={The European journal of surgery = Acta chirurgica},
  volume={157 5},
The effect of metoclopramide on postoperative colonic ileus was evaluated in a randomised, double-blind study in 20 patients after cholecystectomy. The start of propulsive colonic motility and colonic transit time after operation were measured by radio-opaque markers and serial abdominal radiographs. Metoclopramide 20 mg given intravenously three times a day until the fourth postoperative day (n = 10) did not significantly reduce the duration of postoperative colonic paralysis compared with… CONTINUE READING