Lack of Comprehensive Outbreak Detection in Hospitals.


Timely identification of outbreaks of hospital-associated infections is needed to implement control measures and minimize impact. Survey results from 33 hospitals indicated that most hospitals lacked a formal cluster definition and all targeted a very limited group of prespecified pathogens. Standardized, statistically based outbreak detection could greatly improve current practice.

DOI: 10.1017/ice.2015.325

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@article{Baker2016LackOC, title={Lack of Comprehensive Outbreak Detection in Hospitals.}, author={Meghan Baker and Susan Huang and Alyssa R Letourneau and Rebecca E Kaganov and Jennifer R Peeples and Marci L Drees and Richard Platt and Deborah Yokoe}, journal={Infection control and hospital epidemiology}, year={2016}, volume={37 4}, pages={466-8} }