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Lachesillidae (Psocodea: “Psocoptera”) de Valle del Cauca y PNN Gorgona, Colombia.

  title={Lachesillidae (Psocodea: “Psocoptera”) de Valle del Cauca y PNN Gorgona, Colombia.},
  author={Ranulfo Gonz{\'a}lez Obando and Cinthya L. Salda{\~n}a Guzm{\'a}n and Alfonso N. Garc{\'i}a Aldrete},
A partir del estudio de 440 micropreparaciones de ejemplares de la familia Lachesillidae recolectadas en Valle del Cauca y en el PNN Gorgona, Colombia, se identificaron 77 especies. Solo una especie de las 12 previamente registradas en Colombia, se encontró en el área de estudio. Del total de especies, 13 están ya descritas y 64 son nuevas para la ciencia, lo cual corresponde a un endemismo de 83.12%. Se encontraron ejemplares que representan cinco géneros no descritos. Lachesillidae de Valle… 
Diversity and vertical distribution of psocids (Psocodea: Psocoptera) in two forests of the Colombian Amazon
Introduction: The knowledge on the diversity of psocids in Colombia has increased, following the global trend, but the main interest of most of the studies has been oriented to solve taxonomic
Checklist of ‘Psocoptera’ (Psocodea) of Colombia and identification key to the families
It is shown that the group diversity is still to be uncovered in the country and further studies must be conducted to understand the distribution of psocids among and within localities, and that additional extensive fieldwork is highly required.
New species of Lachesilla Westwood in the pedicularia group (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Lachesillidae) from the Colombian Amazonia.
Two species of Lachesilla, in the pedicularia species group, from the Colombian Amazonia, are described and illustrated and constitute the first lachesillids known from the Department of Putumayo, Colombia.
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A monotypic genus of Psocidae from Santiago de Cali, Colombia, which differs from Chaetopsocidus Badonnel, from the Páramo de Monserrate, near Bogotá, in having setae on the forewing veins.


A new genus of Lachesillidae (Psocoptera: Eolachesillinae: Graphocaeciliini) from Colombia
Un nuevo genero colombiano de Lachesillidae (Eolachesillinae: Graphocaeciliini), es aqui descrito e ilustrado; incluye actualmente a sendas especies de los Departamentos de Caldas y Valle del Cauca.
Seven new species of Lachesilla (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Lachesillidae), in the group forcepeta from the Amazon Basin
Sao descritas e ilustradas sete especies de Lachesilla do grupo forcepeta, provenientes da bacia amazonica do Brasil, Colombia e Peru: L. amacayacuensis sp. n. (localidade-tipo: Colombia, Amazonas,
A new genus of Lachesillidae (Psocoptera) from the Peruvian Amazonia
Two male specimens of Eolachesillinae: Graphocaeciliini, taken recently in the Peruvian Amazonia, are not assignable in any of the known genera in that tribe, and are thus represent a new genus, and the purpose of this paper is to describe and illustrate it, and to attempt to relate it to the other generA in the tribe.
New genera of Lachesillidae (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Eolachesillinae: Graphocaeciliini) from Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Two new related Colombian genera of Lachesillidae, including three new species, from the Department of Valle del Cauca, are here described and illustrated. They belong in the tribe Graphocaeciliini
New South American Lachesilla (Psocoptera : Lachesillidae)
Seven South American species of the psocid genus Lachesilla are here described and illustrated, differing in the pattern of pigmentation of the ninth sternum, shape of the subgenital plate, and fore wing venation.
Four new species of Hemicaecilius Enderlein (Lachesillidae: Psocoptera) from Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Four related species of Hemicaecilius, from Valle del Cauca, Colombia, are here described and illustrated. They constitutea species assemblage distinct from two of the known species of the genus, H.
The Lachesilla asperiforceps species complex of the L. forcepeta species group (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Lachesillidae)
Four species of Lachesilla, from Mexico and Guatemala, are described and illustrated and constitute the L. asperiforceps species complex, a diagnosis of which is provided, as well as identification keys to the males and females of the species in the complex.
Waoraniella vidali n. sp., the second species in the genus, is described and illustrated on the basis of a male from Amazonas, Brazil. The hypandrium and clunium are autapomorphic for the family. The
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Four new species of Psocoptera are described, each in a new monotypic genus: Rhyopsocoides typhicolus (Psoquillidae) and Omilneura circumvittata (Ptiloneuridae) from Mexico, Belicania cervantesi
Ectolachesilla: A New Genus Of Lachesillidae (Insecta: Psocoptera) From Amazonas, Brazil
ABSTRACT Ectolachesilla ariasi n.g., n. sp., is described from a single female collected in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. It belongs in subfamily Lachesillinae, and presents a combination of