Labyrinthine input to the vestibular nuclei of the awake cat.

  title={Labyrinthine input to the vestibular nuclei of the awake cat.},
  author={Allan M. Rubin and S. R. Christer Liedgren and Lars M Odkvist and A. Craig Milne and John M. Fredrickson},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={84 5-6},
The labyrinthine input to the vestibular nuclei was investigated in 24 awake cats. Stimulus consisted of electrical shocks given through bipolar silver wire electrodes, implanted in the utricular and lateral ampullar nerves. Throughout the vestibular nuclei, single units were recorded extracellularly with glass micropipettes filled with Fast Green. The tracts of the penetrating electrodes were identified histologically. In all four nuclei units responding to both labyrinths outnumbered… CONTINUE READING