Labour and Antisemitism: a Crisis Misunderstood

  title={Labour and Antisemitism: a Crisis Misunderstood},
  author={Ben Gidley and Brendan Francis McGeever and David B. Feldman},
  journal={The Political Quarterly},
In this article, we argue that Labour’s antisemitism crisis has been misunderstood. We suggest that a more accurate and sophisticated understanding of antisemitism offers a way forward. There are three elements to this claim. First, by drawing on existing data on attitudes towards Jews, we criticise the widespread focus on individual ‘antisemites’, rather than on the broader problem of antisemitism. In turn, we conceive of antisemitism not as a virus or poison, as in so many formulations, but… 

How to fight antisemitism? Lessons from the Russian Revolution

ABSTRACT Brendan McGeever’s book on Antisemitism in the Russian Revolution provides an analysis of Soviet response to “Red Antisemitism” – the involvement of some Bolsheviks in the pogroms of the

Antisemitism, racism, revolution

ABSTRACT In this essay, I respond to Alana Lentin, Yair Wallach, David Renton and Andrew Sloin, who have each written reviews of my book Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution for this symposium.

The IHRA Definition of Antisemitism: Defining Antisemitism by Erasing Palestinians

  • R. Gould
  • Political Science
    The Political Quarterly
  • 2020
The IHRA de fi nition is one of the most contentious documents in the history of efforts to combat antisemitism. Although it fi rst became well known in the UK as a result of disputes within the Labour

A Looming Threat? A Survey of Anti-Shechita Agitation in Contemporary Britain

Following the comprehensive defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party in the 2019 General Election, many British Jews felt relieved that an “existential threat” had been vanquished. Subsequently,

Arguing about antisemitism: why we disagree about antisemitism, and what we can do about it

It is important to remember that while concern about antisemitism is growing, agreement on what constitutes antisemitic activity is shrinking, and charges of a...

The British Labour Party and the antisemitism crisis: Jeremy Corbyn and image repair theory

  • T. Heppell
  • Business
    The British Journal of Politics and International Relations
  • 2021
This article utilises the work of William Benoit on image repair theory as a framework for examining the crisis communication of Jeremy Corbyn in relation to antisemitism within the Labour Party. By

British Jews, sport and antisemitism

Abstract This paper examines the nature and extent of antisemitism in community sporting environments in one British city. Drawing on interviews (n = 20) and focus groups (n = 2), we explore with

From Ferguson to Gaza. Sport, political sensibility, and the Israel/Palestine conflict in the age of Black Lives Matter

  • Jon Dart
  • Education
    European Journal for Sport and Society
  • 2021
Abstract In June 2020, Black Lives Matter UK (BLM-UK) posted a series of tweets in which they endorsed the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Calling for ‘targeted sanctions



The Negro and the Warsaw Ghetto (1949)

W. E. B. Du Bois narrates how in the course of his travels in Europe, especially in Germany and Poland, before and after the Second World War, he came slowly to the awareness that racism is not

Jennie Formby and Tom Watson exchange letters in antisemitism row

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