Laboratory comparison of four iron-based filter materials for water treatment of trace element contaminants.

  title={Laboratory comparison of four iron-based filter materials for water treatment of trace element contaminants.},
  author={Barry J. Allred and Brian C Tost},
  journal={Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation},
  volume={86 11},
A laboratory investigation provided preliminary comparison of trace element contaminant water treatment capabilities for four iron-based filter materials. The iron-based filter materials tested were zero-valent iron (ZVI), porous iron composite (PIC), sulfur modified iron (SMI), and iron oxide/hydroxide (IOH). Two types of trace element contaminant solutions were tested, one combined As, Cr, and Se (added as AsO4(3-), CrO4(2-), and SeO4(2-), respectively), while the second combined Cd2+, Cu2… CONTINUE READING

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