Laboratory and numerical study of intense envelope solitons of water waves: Generation, reflection from a wall, and collisions

  title={Laboratory and numerical study of intense envelope solitons of water waves: Generation, reflection from a wall, and collisions},
  author={Alexey Slunyaev and Marco Klein and Günther F. Clauss},
  journal={Physics of Fluids},
The investigation of dynamics of intense solitary wave groups of collinear surface waves is performed by means of numerical simulations of the Euler equations and laboratory experiments. The processes of solitary wave generation, reflection from a wall, and collisions are considered. Steep solitary wave groups with characteristic steepness up to kAcr ≈ 0.3 (where k is the dominant wavenumber and Acr is the crest amplitude) are concerned. They approximately restore the structure after the… 

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