[Laboratory and instrumental clinical study of 150 patients with psoriatic arthritis].


The study included a 5-year-follow-up. We noticed that our data did not agree with the data in literature as regards the distribution percentage of the various articular subsets. It was pointed out that the distribution percentage of some particular clinical subsets of the disease (for example the symmetrical polyarticular subset and the spondylitic and/or sacro-iliac subset) were linked to sex. The study of the bio-humoral parameters showed that the most significant data was the particular clinical and radiological severity of PA in the patients with high IgA levels. Radiological findings showed the involvement of the sterno-clavicular and manubriosternal joints by osteoproduction and/or erosive manifestations, which was associated with a particular clinical severity of the disease. Eventually, our study revealed a significant relationship between psycho-physical stress and articular and/or cutaneous manifestations of the disease. This data seems to confirm the recent neuro-immunological studies hypothesizing a likely role of stress and subsequent depression in the ethiopathogenesis of rheumatic diseases caused by an immune imbalance.

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