Labor Dystocia: A Common Approach to Diagnosis.


Contemporary labor and birth population norms should be the basis for evaluating labor progression and determining slow progress that may benefit from intervention. The aim of this article is to present guidelines for a common, evidence-based approach for determination of active labor onset and diagnosis of labor dystocia based on a synthesis of existing… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/jmwh.12360


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@article{Neal2015LaborDA, title={Labor Dystocia: A Common Approach to Diagnosis.}, author={Jeremy L Neal and Nancy K. Lowe and Mavis N. Schorn and Sharon Holley and Sharon L Ryan and Margaret Buxton and Angela M Wilson-Liverman}, journal={Journal of midwifery & women's health}, year={2015}, volume={60 5}, pages={499-509} }