Labelling of organotin compounds for fluorimetric detection.

  title={Labelling of organotin compounds for fluorimetric detection.},
  author={Conxita Leal and Merc{\`e} Granados and Maria Dolors Prat and Ram{\'o}n Compa{\~n}{\'o}},
  volume={42 8},
A systematic study of the fluorescence of complexes of some flavone derivatives with organotin compounds in hexane and in an aqueous micellar medium on Triton X-100 is reported. Some relationships between fluorescence intensity and the structure of the fluorogenic reagent or that of the organotin compound can be deduced, and the most suitable reagent for each organotin species can be chosen on the basis of sensitivity and selectivity. Results point out that flavone derivatives are appropriate… CONTINUE READING

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