Labeling Schemes for Vertex Connectivity

  title={Labeling Schemes for Vertex Connectivity},
  author={Amos Korman},
  journal={ACM Trans. Algorithms},
This article studies labeling schemes for the vertex connectivity function on general graphs. We consider the problem of assigning short labels to the nodes of any <i>n</i>-node graph is such a way that given the labels of any two nodes <i>u</i> and <i>v</i>, one can decide whether <i>u</i> and <i>v</i> are <i>k</i>-vertex connected in <i>G</i>, that is, whether there exist <i>k</i> vertex disjoint paths connecting <i>u</i> and <i>v</i>. This article establishes an upper bound of <i>k</i><sup>2… CONTINUE READING
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