Labeling Non-Square QAM Constellations for One-Dimensional Bit-Metric Decoding


A new modulation scheme is proposed that combines the advantages of APSK and QAM constellations, namely the low peak power of APSK and the independent processing of the real and imaginary components of QAM. The new scheme consists of a Gray labeled non-square QAM constellation and a bit-metric decoder. At a spectral efficiency of 3.5 bits/s/Hz, the new scheme saves 1.35 dB of peak power compared to conventional QAM. The new scheme is implemented with a binary low-density paritycheck code. Simulation results are presented.

DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2014.2337318

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@article{Bcherer2014LabelingNQ, title={Labeling Non-Square QAM Constellations for One-Dimensional Bit-Metric Decoding}, author={Georg B{\"{o}cherer}, journal={IEEE Communications Letters}, year={2014}, volume={18}, pages={1515-1518} }