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LabVIEW and PCI DAQ Card Based HTS Test and Control Platforms

  title={LabVIEW and PCI DAQ Card Based HTS Test and Control Platforms},
  author={Huibin Zhao and Jianxun Jin and Pu-Chun Jiang and Wen-Hui Gao and Zimou Liang},
  journal={Journal of Electronic Science and Technology},
This paper introduces the relevant parameters and related characteristics of the LabVIEW and PCI6221 data acquisition (DAQ) card, describes in detail the approach of building the measure and control platform of virtual instrument (VI) using LabVIEW and PCI6221, specifically discusses the system's application in high temperature superconductor (HTS) research including the test of HTS volt-ampere characteristics and the HTS magnetic energy storage. The experiments prove that the VI test and… 

Research on the multi-function dynamics experimental system based on the virtual instrument

By the multi-function remote dynamics experiment system based on the virtual instrument, not only the students can learn the physics knowledge much intuitively and effectively, but also the teachers can get twice the result with half the effort in the physics teaching.

Virtual Instrument based fuzzy control system for PMLSM drive

A Virtual Instrument (VI) based fuzzy control system for permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (PMLSM) drive and the stepper drive scheme is used in the position loop of PMLSM drive to deal with the dynamic uncertainty and external load effect.

Optimal design and analysis for linear induction motor

Thrust characteristics of a linear induction motor have been studied with experimental results and comprehensive analysis. A 2D finite element model has been made by using the Ansoft/Maxwell. Based



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High temperature superconducting (HTS) power inductor and its control technology have been studied and analyzed in the paper. Based on the results of simulations and practical experiments, a

Practical LabVIEW program design for HTS I - V characteristic measurement

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  • 2007