La3Ni2O6: a new double T'-type nickelate with infinite Ni1+/2+O2 layers.

  title={La3Ni2O6: a new double T'-type nickelate with infinite Ni1+/2+O2 layers.},
  author={Viktor V. Poltavets and Konstantin A. Lokshin and Sibel Dikmen and Mark Croft and Takeshi Egami and Martha Greenblatt},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={128 28},
New mixed-valent, Ni1+/Ni2+, metastable nickelate, La3Ni2O6, was synthesized by low-temperature reduction of La3Ni2O7 with CaH2. The crystal structure of La3Ni2O6 (space group: I4/mmm, a = 3.9686(1) A and c = 19.3154(6) A) was determined from powder neutron diffraction data by Rietveld analysis. The structure can be described as an intergrowth of LaO2 fluorite and double infinite layer (LaNiO2)2 blocks and represents the n = 2 homologue of the T'-type series Lan+1NinO2n+2. Such double T'-type… CONTINUE READING

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