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La superfamilia Pyramidelloidea Gray, 1840 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterostropha) en África Occidental. 10. Addenda 2

  title={La superfamilia Pyramidelloidea Gray, 1840 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterostropha) en {\'A}frica Occidental. 10. Addenda 2},
  author={Anselmo Pe{\~n}as and Emilio Rol{\'a}n},

Heterobranchia (Gastropoda) from the Jurassic Deposits of Russia

Small gastropods from the Jurassic deposits of the European Russia, united into the lower Heterobranchia or Allogastropoda, are described, and a set of taxa is given without reference to a definite family.

The pyramidellidae (gastropoda, heterobranchia) of Norway and adjacent waters. A taxonomic review

This monograph gives a taxonomic treatment of all 54 ‘species’ of Pyramidellidae reported from Norwegian and adjacent waters, and an attempt is made to upgrade the generic taxonomy of the species included.

Restructuring of the ‘Macaronesia’ biogeographic unit: A marine multi-taxon biogeographical approach

All marine groups studied suggest the exclusion of Cabo Verde from the remaining Macaronesian archipelagos and thus, CaboVerde should be given the status of a biogeographic subprovince within the West African Transition province.

Four New Species of Turbonilla (Gastropoda, Pyramidellimorpha, Turbonillidae) from the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa

Four new species of Pyramidellid gastropods are described from the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa, based on shell morphology, and it is clear that the region hosts a large pyramidllid diversity and additional species of pyramidesllids are to be expected.

Six new species of pyramidellids (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pyramidelloidea) from West Africa, introducing the new genus Kongsrudia

A new Chrysallininae genus, Kongsrudia, is introduced with Actaeopyramis gruveli as type species and a new species, K. rolani, is described, and Pyrgulina approximans, Chrysallida ersei, and Pyramidellidae mutata are transferred to the genus KongSRudia.