La storia geologica del Tardo-Terziario e del quaternario nel Mendrisotto (Ticino meridionale, Svizzera) da Markus Felber

  title={La storia geologica del Tardo-Terziario e del quaternario nel Mendrisotto (Ticino meridionale, Svizzera) da Markus Felber},
  author={Markus Felber},
Late-Tertiary and Quaternary History of the Mendrisiotto (Southern Ticino, Switzerland) The present investigation, whose aim was to recognise the deposits which constitue the differentiated filling up of the Tertiary relief of the Mendrisiotto (Ticino, Southern Switzerland) and to reconstruct the history of the events linked to the glacial episodes in this region, has enabled a succession of Late-Tertiary sediments and post-orogenic Quaternaries (sensu GELATI et al. 1988 and BERNOULLI et al… 

Quaternary refugia of the sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.): an extended palynological approach

Knowledge about the glacial refugia of the thermophilous European Castanea sativa Mill. (sweet chestnut) is still inadequate. Its original range of distribution has been masked by strong human

Spatial distribution of natural enrichments of arsenic, selenium, and uranium in a minerotrophic peatland, Gola di Lago, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

Although this peatland is an effective geochemical trap for As in the stream waters, the mechanisms of removal remain unclear.

Spatial Distribution of Natural Enrichments of Arsenic , Selenium , and Uranium in a Minerotrophic Peatland

  • G. Lago
  • Geology, Environmental Science
Gola di Lago is a small (ca. 3 ha), minerotrophic peatland in Canton Ticino, southern Switzerland. Chemical analyses of peat show remarkable concentrations of As, Se, and U. Coring at regular

Géomorphologie : relief , processus , environnement

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Remarks on the Quaternary tectonics of the Insubria Region (Lombardia, NW Italy, and Ticino, SE Switzerland)

In the foothills of the Southern Alps between Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, the relations between the recent tectonic evolution and the accompanying seismic potential have been overlooked. Published