La revoluciÓn hipocrática de Philippe Pinel

  title={La revoluci{\'O}n hipocr{\'a}tica de Philippe Pinel},
  author={Jos{\'e} Luis Peset},
  journal={Asclepio-revista De Historia De La Medicina Y De La Ciencia},
  • J. L. Peset
  • Published 30 June 2003
  • Philosophy
  • Asclepio-revista De Historia De La Medicina Y De La Ciencia
The French Clinical Professor Philippe Pinel is remembered in History of Medicine as the great reformer of psychiatric treatment through his Traite and his clinical teaching and practice. My intention is to place Philippe Pinel in his time, trying to understand his scientific, philosophical and social lines. In this period the clasical and ancient thought is revalorized, so the stoic philosophers, reinterpreted by the European Enlightened thinkers. Also in this period, philosophy is asociated… 
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Book Reviews : R. Lopez-Muñoz, C. Alamo (eds). Historia de la Neuropsicofarmacología. Madrid: Ediciones Eurobook, 1998. Pp. 544. ISBN 84-89115-09-5. (Language: Spanish.)
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Between 1789 and 1880 France underwent several revolutions and changes in the political system; the French people finally settled on a republican form of government and rejected a monarchy; and a new type of physician appeared in France, called alienists.