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La rete sismica del Sannio - Matese

  title={La rete sismica del Sannio - Matese},
  author={Rosalba Di Maro and Alessandro Marchetti},
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Performances of the Italian Seismic Network, 1985-2002: the hidden thing
Seismic data users and people managing a seismic network take a great interest in the potentiality of the data, with the difference that the former look at stability, the latter at improvements. This
Upper-crustal structure of the Benevento area (southern Italy): fault heterogeneities and potential for large earthquakes
SUMMARY The Benevento region is part of the southern Apennines seismogenic belt, which experienced large destructive seismic events both in historical and in recent times. The study area lies at
Recurrent patterns in the spatial behaviour of Italian seismicity revealed by the fractal approach
Three are the essential parameters needed to describe seismicity: the b-value of the Gutenberg-Richter relation and the spatial and temporal fractal dimensions (Ds and Dt). Several cases have been