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La necesidad de un modelo de información aplicado al patrimonio arquitectónico

  title={La necesidad de un modelo de informaci{\'o}n aplicado al patrimonio arquitect{\'o}nico},
  author={Juan Enrique Nieto Juli{\'a}n and Juan Pablo Bermeo Moyano and Fernando Rico Delgado and Daniel Ant{\'o}n},

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La metodología HBIM en el estudio de inmuebles patrimoniales, Caso Hacienda Isla Bejucal, Baba, Ecuador

La arquitectura patrimonial representa la memoria histórica de los pueblos, forma parte del patrimonio nacional e incentiva el turismo cultural. Por lo tanto, es un derecho de todo ciudadano acceder

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ABSTRACT 3D point cloud data from data acquisition techniques such as terrestrial photogrammetry, close range photogrammetry (CRP) and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) play a major role in

HBIM, 3D drawing and virtual reality for archaeological sites and ancient ruins

  • F. Banfi
  • Computer Science
    Virtual Archaeology Review
  • 2020
The concept of ‘granular HBIM objects’ is introduced to show the unexpressed potential of the scan-to-BIM process for different types of data analyses and uses, and sustainable development of VR projects for archaeological sites is proposed, allowing users to discover the hidden historical values with new levels of interactivity and information.

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The implementation of building information modeling (BIM) has become a reality worldwide, not only because of the advantages it offers, but also because of the obligatory nature of its use in

Construction study of the Palace of the Children of Don Gome (Andújar, Jaén), managed through the HBIM project

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative system used extensively in the design and management of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. Current platforms

Aplicaciones del escaneado láser en Patrimonio Histórico-Artístico

SÁNCHEZ, MANUEL; GIL, ESTEBAN; MUNICIO, CRISTIAN; FERNÁNDEZ-NICOLÁS, JOSÉ ANTONIO 1: Grupo de Investigación NEXUS (Ingeniería Territorio Patrimonio) Universidad de Extremadura e-mail:

Implementación de las nuevas técnicas de levantamiento en el sistema BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Rising new techniques and implementation in the System BIM (building information modeling) have facilitated to a great extent the visualization and the analysis of the architecture, allowing that both the designer and the user could explore the model of a virtual way.

El Estudio Paramental en el Modelo de Información del Edificio Histórico o "Proyecto HBIM" The paramental study on the Model of Information of Historic Building or "HBIM Project"

The article will present an effective methodology to implement the stratigraphic study of surfaces and the intention is to dump the information gathered in Phase auscultation in a single graphical model, operating from different disciplines and allows inter operationalize avoiding unnecessary data duplication and contradictory.


Diseño . Morph Guía de usuario del escáner Artec 3 D V . 0 . 6 . 7 Agisoft ( 2012 ) . Agisoft PhotoScan User Manual : Professional Edition , Version 0 . 9 . 0 8 Graphisoft . Objetos paramétricos

  • Planimetría del Alcázar de Sevilla . Patronato del Real Alcázar
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