La naturalización del humor en la traducción audiovisual (TAV): ¿Traducción o adaptación? El caso de los doblajes de Gomaespuma: Ali G Indahouse

  title={La naturalizaci{\'o}n del humor en la traducci{\'o}n audiovisual (TAV): ¿Traducci{\'o}n o adaptaci{\'o}n? El caso de los doblajes de Gomaespuma: Ali G Indahouse},
  author={Carla Botella Tejera},
Screen Translation has become a very important field of study in these past years. Humor transfer has always been a very difficult problem that translators have to face really often. Although polemical and criticized by many experts, “domestication” is one of the main techniques to try to solve this kind of problems, especially in Screen Translation where words are subordinated to the image, and translators cannot use notes. In this paper we are going to study the dubbing process in Ali G… CONTINUE READING