La mujer es puro cuento: la cultura del género

  title={La mujer es puro cuento: la cultura del g{\'e}nero},
  author={Verena Stolke},
  journal={Revista Estudos Feministas},
The term gender has become the feminist shorthand, in the 1970s, to signal the cultural construction rather than biological basis of women's unequal treatment and domination by men. In the past three decades the term has become as ubiquitous as ambiguous in feminist theorizing but, surprisingly, there is no semantic history of the origins, changing approaches and meanings of the concept. In this article I show that US sexologists and psychologists introduced gender in the 1950s in their… 
Por uma matriz feminista de gênero para os estudos sobre homens e masculinidades
This article aims at contributing to the studies and researches on men and their masculinity, disclosing a gender conceptual mark, from a matrix that dialogues with feminist productions and is
This paper presents, through a theoretical and historical approach, studies about the issues of sexuality and especially of gender with regard to feminist movements, both in the North and in the
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This book reflects many of the profound social, political, and economic changes that have influenced the UPV/EHU since the 1980s. This process shaped a complex social and political reality in the
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In the Brazilian tradition, studies on gender and women are included within Social Psychology for historical, political, and conceptual reasons. If the areas had parallel institutional and
Varones peruanos en Argentina y trayectorias laborales en costura. Masculinidades, roles de género y organización del trabajo en contextos migratorios
Based on the findings of a qualitative research with Peruvian women and men in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, this article explores the links between heterosexual male migrants and the world of
Las TRHA y los debates en la academia feminista sobre reproducción: relaciones de poder y tecnología
This work aims to reconstruct the debates from the academy and feminist activists have been raised about assisted human reproduction. From a historical point of view, these debates that begin in the
Magia, desposesión y poder soberano. Análisis de relaciones de género en torno a las almamulas y estudiantes de magia en Santiago del Estero, Argentina
In this article, I make an analysis based on narratives about everyday experiences of individuals living in Santiago de Estero, Argentina, mediated by a legendary record; one religious and other
Por uma política de acesso aos direitos das mulheres: sujeitos feministas em disputa no contexto brasileiro
We intend to discuss the theme "feminist subjects on the political field", considering the discursive changes for which the field of the feminist movement has been going in the last decades. These
Violência contra mulher: aspectos normativos e práticas preventivas
This article has as purpose to present in a prompt way a brief boarding about Psychosocial normative aspects and preventive practices for coping in women victims of domestic violence in its
Feminist gender wars : the reception of the concept of gender in Brazil (1980s-1990s) and the global dynamics of production and circulation of knowledge
Nowadays, the word "gender" is easily understood and recognized in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). “Gender Studies” is frequently seen as a legitimate area of studies, and it is


All Made Up: Performance Theory and the New Anthropology of Sex and Gender
This review considers the impact of recent performance theory, especially the theory of gender performativity, on anthropological efforts to theorize sex and gender. In brief, the theory of
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Preface (1999) Preface (1990) 1. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire I. 'Women' as the Subject of Feminism II. The Compulsory Order of Sex/Gender/Desire III. Gender: The Circular Ruins of Contemporary
The Traffic in Women: Notes on the "Political Economy" of Sex
Gayle S. Rubin, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan, made her first impact on feminist and gender theory in 1975 with the
The Color of Gender: Reimaging Democracy
In this provocative volume, Zillah Eisenstein uncovers the hidden sexual and racial politics of the past decade. Beginning where she left off in her award-winning book "The Female Body and the Law",
Race, Class, and Gender: Prospects for an All-Inclusive Sisterhood
The concept of sisterhood has been an important unifying force in the contemporary women's movement. By stressing the similarities of women's secondary social and economic positions in all societies
Race and the education of desire
Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality has been one of the most influential books of the last two decades. It has had an enormous impact on cultural studies and work across many disciplines on
Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis
TH1OSE WHO WOULD CODIFY THE MEANINGS OF WORDS fight a losing battle, for words, like the ideas and things they are mneant to signify, have a history. Neither Oxford dons nor the Academie FranUaise
Is Female to Male as Nature Is to Culture
Much of the creativity of anthropology derives from the tension between two sets of demands: that we explain human universals, and that we explain cultural particulars. By this canon, woman provides
The Second Sex
Of all the writing that emerged from the existentialist movement, Simone de Beauvoir's groundbreaking study of women will probably have the most extensive and enduring impact. It is at once a work of
A Response to Inequality: Black Women, Racism, and Sexism
  • D. K. Lewis
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1977
The women's liberation movement has generated a number of theories about female inequality. Because the models usually focus exclusively upon the effects of sexism, they have been of limited