La meditazione orientata alla mindfulness (mom) nella ricerca psicologica

  title={La meditazione orientata alla mindfulness (mom) nella ricerca psicologica},
  author={Franco Fabbro and Cristiano Crescentini},
La meditazione mindfulness costituisce il settimo passo dell’ottuplice sentiero, un programma psicopedagogico per liberare dal dolore fisico e psichico messo a punto piu di 2500 anni fa da Siddharta Gautama, un principe indiano conosciuto come il Buddha. La mindfulness e stata descritta nel ‘Grande discorso sui fondamenti della presenza mentale’ di Gautama. Questa forma di meditazione consiste nell’imparare a diventare consapevoli del respiro, del corpo e nella capacita di osservare i contenuti… 

Differential effects of mindfulness meditation conditions on repetitive negative thinking and subjective time perspective: a randomized active-controlled study

Breathing meditation helped practitioners to train more effectively their ability to disengage from maladaptive ruminative thoughts, which could be reflected in a more optimistic attitude toward the future.

Positive Impact of Mindfulness Meditation on Mental Health of Female Teachers during the COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy

It is concluded that mindfulness-based training can effectively mitigate the psychological negative consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak, helping in particular to restore well-being in the most vulnerable individuals.

Effects of Mind-Body Interventions on Adolescents’ Cooperativeness and Emotional Symptoms

Background: Mind-body interventions may support the development of adolescents’ self-regulation and provide a protective effect against maladaptive outcomes, e.g., internalizing and externalizing

Spontaneous eye movements during focused-attention mindfulness meditation

The results show a significantly smaller average amplitude of eye movements in the delta band during mindfulness meditation than instructed mind-wandering, and participants’ meditation expertise correlated significantly with this average amplitude during both tasks, suggesting the potential use of this measure to detect mind-Wandering episodes during mindfulness Meditation and to assess meditation performance.



Mindfulness meditation and explicit and implicit indicators of personality and self-concept changes

Although the research on MM and personality is still in its infancy, it appears that this form of meditative practice may notably shape individuals’ personality and self-concept toward more healthy profiles.

Meditation-related activations are modulated by the practices needed to obtain it and by the expertise: an ALE meta-analysis study

It is found that frontal activation was present for short-term, as compared with long-term experience meditators, confirming that experts are better enabled to sustain attentional focus, rather recruiting the right SMG and concentrating on aspects involving disembodiment.

Neural mechanisms of attentional control in mindfulness meditation

It is concluded that meditation practice appears to positively impact attentional functions by improving resource allocation processes, and attentional resources are allocated more fully during early processing phases which subsequently enhance further processing.

Mindfulness-Oriented Meditation for Primary School Children: Effects on Attention and Psychological Well-Being

A specific positive effect of the mindfulness-meditation training in reducing attention problems and also positive effects of both trainings in reducing children’s internalizing problems are found, however, subjectively, no child in either group reported less depressive symptoms after the trainings.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression: A New Approach to Preventing Relapse

Kabat-Zinn, Foreword. Part I: The Challenge of Depression. Introduction. Depression: The Scope of the Problem. Cognition, Mood, and the Nature of Depressive Relapse. Developing Mindfulness-Based

Improving Personality/Character Traits in Individuals with Alcohol Dependence: The Influence of Mindfulness-Oriented Meditation

The study of personality is critical to enhance current knowledge of the psychological characteristics of alcohol dependence. Recent evidence shows that mindfulness-oriented meditation positively