La intención específica en el caso Croacia vs. Serbia: apuntes críticos sobre el fallo de la Corte Internacional de Justicia

  title={La intenci{\'o}n espec{\'i}fica en el caso Croacia vs. Serbia: apuntes cr{\'i}ticos sobre el fallo de la Corte Internacional de Justicia},
  author={Jean-Paul Saucier Calder{\'o}n},
After having discussed the case’s historical background and the parties’ arguments with emphasis on genocidal intent, the author offers critical comments on the ICJ’s decision. He calls into question the limitations imposed by the Court’s inferential standard and its interpretation in the Croatia v. Serbia case. Although the existence of a plurality of subjective elements in this case did not necessarily entail that there must have been a finding of genocidalintent, it appears that such a… 



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