La idea boederiana del saber civil y su relación con el idealismo alemán

  title={La idea boederiana del saber civil y su relaci{\'o}n con el idealismo alem{\'a}n},
  author={Mart{\'i}n Pedro Zubiria},
Recognize the “philo- sophia ” as such, this side of Postmodernism, means, starting from the surprising studies of Heribert Boeder (1928-2013), see it as a thought epochally built on a Wisdom ( sophia ), that is, on a initial Knowledge about the Destiny of Man. For the philo-sophical thought of the so-called “German Idealism”, that Wisdom is neither that of the Muses, as in the First epoch, neither the “Christian sapientia”, as in the Middle epoch, but the “Civil Consciousness” about Duty and… CONTINUE READING