La fortificación del archipiélago filipino en el siglo XVIII. La defensa integral ante lo local y lo global

  title={La fortificaci{\'o}n del archipi{\'e}lago filipino en el siglo XVIII. La defensa integral ante lo local y lo global},
  author={Pedro Luengo},
  journal={Revista De Indias},
  • Pedro Luengo
  • Published 24 November 2017
  • History
  • Revista De Indias
This study aims to demonstrate the Philippine interest in creating additional fortification plans during the eighteenth century in the face of both local and global conflicts. In addition to dealing with the Igorot and Moros in the interior, they had to address the threat of British and also Dutch attacks. This new approach to defense, allowing for various additional settlements, was the result of cross-cultural cooperation from a variety of traditions. 
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