• Sociology
  • Published 2016

La evaluación democrática: hacia la formación de sujetos críticos y reflexivos en el área de ciencias sociales

  title={La evaluaci{\'o}n democr{\'a}tica: hacia la formaci{\'o}n de sujetos cr{\'i}ticos y reflexivos en el {\'a}rea de ciencias sociales},
  author={Cardona G{\'o}mez and Freidy Alexis},
Think of a transforming school in which children and youth participate and from its context not only from knowledge but from the self and know-how, it requires practical teaching-learning and assessment, beyond the control perspective that has permeated education, with a permanent deconstruction of classroom practices from a proposal that advocates democratic evaluation involve them the different actors of the educational community, redistributing the authority granted by the teacher par… CONTINUE READING